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PhD in Managing Information Systems (MIS) with Focus on Online Community Design

Technical University of Munich (TUM) From 2009 to 2015

University: Technical University of Munich (TUM)
Description: In 2009, I started my PhD program at TUM at Prof. Krcmar's laboratory. For the first two and a half yours, I was research assistance (Wiss. Mitarbeiter) at fortiss, which was an affiliated research institute of TUM. Then I quit working at fortiss and continued my PhD as an external student. During that time, I worked part-time at Interhyp, until I submitted my thesis. My PhD thesis was about providing design principles for building successful and sustainable voluntary online communities. For example, Wikipedia or Slashdot fit into this category of online communities. The question I tried to answer was whether all successful communities have some underlying design principles, and whether lack of them leads to failure. I came up with 10 design principles for building such communities, regardless of type of content. You can take a look at my dissertation in the link below.
Time: From 2009/09/01 to 2015/04/17
Degree: PhD
Location: Munich, Germany
Skills: technology management, CIO Advisory,
Language: English
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