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Well I guess my personality can be summarized as a combination of Larry in Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jeff in Coupling and Barney in How I Met Your Mother.
My favorite TV characters are Jerry in Seinfeld, Sir Humphrey in Yes Minister, Foyle in Foyle's War, Patrick in the Mentalist and Louie CK in Louie.
Non-Iranian Individuals whom I deeply respect are Admiral Mountbatten, Mahatma Gandhi, Victor Hugo, Atatürk, and Jon Stewart.


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Alicnate is by far one of the best cities in Europe to spend time in.
And here we go with the new website design and structure.
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Born in Tehran, Iran, I have lived, worked and/or studied in Iran, Japan, Germany, India, United States and Spain.

Academic life: I started my academic career as an undergraduate student at Sharif University of Technology. During my undergraduate studies, I began my professional career at the Advanced Information and Communication Technology Center (AICTC) as a simple and humble software developer.

In 2004 and after almost completing my bachelor's degree, I had a chance to participate in the Young Scientist Exchange Program (YSEP), a one-year research program at Tokyo Institute of Technology. After returning from Japan in September 2005, I was offered the position of technical coordinator at AICTC. My career at AICTC ended in March 2006, due to my decision to go to Germany to start my master's studies at the technical university of Munich (TUM). Parallel to my master's studies, I was admitted to join the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM), where I received my second master's (honorary) in the field of technology management. During this period, I was also working at the laboratory of professor Knoll as a part-time researcher and a member of the JAST project. I was responsible for the object and later gesture recognition module.

Worth mentioning here are also my internships throughout my master's studies in Los Angeles (California) at Nova Development, and in Bangalore (India) at Infosys.

After completing my master's, I shifted my focus to designing large-scale information systems, social media and knowledge management. This was the initiative to pursue my PhD studies. I started my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Helmut Krcmar at TUM and sucessfully defended my thesis in April 2015 (see publications).

Professional background: The first real job I had outside of Iran was as a research associate at fortiss until April 2012. I had to resign since the new head of our department was not an appealing nor a competent person and life was too short for an everyday confrontation with an idiot.

From May 2012 until February 2013 I worked part-time for World Vision as a freelance project manager and software developer. In my free time I worked on my thesis. In March 2013 my career started at Interhyp, the market leader in real estate credit brokerage in Germany. It was a really disciplined company and it went on until November 2013, when I had to return to Iran for personal as well as professional reasons. I started as an advisor to the president of the Research Institute for ICT, Dr. Mohammad Khansari. For over eight months I was entrusted as an interim CIO with leading large and interdisciplinary projects and redesigning the internal processes, particularly in the field of project management. After returning to Germany. I worked at Varengold Bank in Hamburg as Senior IT project manager and Business Analyst for a year and a half and then for professional and personal reasons headed back to Munich (Dahoam) in July to establish a new career with DETECON as senior consultant.

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