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CEO Technology Advisory in Tehran

From March 2014 to November 2014

Location: Tehran, Iran
Description: Upon invitation from the new CEO of ITRC, I went back to Iran after finishing my PhD in 2013 to work as sort of an interim CIO at ITRC and help them transform their process and technology landscape. I founded a development team, mostly Drupal experts and we reconceptualized and renewed the website and rolled out an internal content management which was synched with website for public information and RFPs. I also helped redesigned ITRC's corporate identity and image by introducing a new logo and color palette. Since I got into problems with Heraasat and further fundamental changes were impossible due to the political situation and low moral values in the society, I decided to come back to Germany. Life was simply too short and I had contributed enough to my birth country.
Living Time: From 2014/03/22 to 2014/11/29
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