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IT Project Manager at Varengold

Senior IT Project Manager in Varengold AG

Position: Senior IT Project Manager
Company: Varengold AG
Description: Varengold Bank is one of those institutions that I personally find problematic with regard to human-based economy. The business model is like online casino with currency. You bet on a currency against another one, and see how they are doing and either win or lose. Basically you either burn money, or make money without any real productivity for the society. I didn't know that and, after the revelation, needed to stay over a year in order to find a suitable job. In Germany, it is not normal to change career every few months, and that was practically what I have been doing during and after my PhD. It was hard to justify the interim job in Iran and why I left fortiss and switched to an external PhD student in the first place. Anyhow, to see the glas half full, I started learning Jira & Confluence and building competency in using these products to develop and introduce novel solutions for process and knowledge management in a company. Besides other side projects, I personally carried out requirement analysis, IT architecture design, system development, migration management and stakeholder management with over 25 processes within Varengold and made a unified modern process steering tool out of Jira. I also initiated migrating the old Wiki to Confluence and created blueprints for different oragnizational units and data object. It was my first prototype to take Jira & Confluence to the next level.
Time: From 2014/12/01 to 2016/06/15
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Skills: IT Project Management, Atlassian Jira, Atlassian Confluence, Profitability Analsis, System Migration,
Activity Type: Permanent
Language: German
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