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Technology & Management Consultant at Detecon

Senior Consultant in Detecon International GmbH

Position: Senior Consultant
Company: Detecon International GmbH
Description: At Detecon, I had three primary activities, two of them voluntary tasks. The first was client projects, which ranged from Omni-Channel Strategy and Rollout to Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), IT Project Management and Knowledge and Process Management. I was also a senior member of the Consultant Network (CN) Board, which was in charge of organizing events for consultants to meet-up and socialize in-person and triggering initiatives for improving the working situation for consultants and service employees. Third, I founded Atlassian Elite Taskforce (AET) which grew to have about 10 members to train talented consultants to develop competency in Atlassian products, particularly Jira & Confluence. I also installed, configured and rolled out Jira for project and process management. We developed a comprehensive solution for HR and implemented end2end processes in Recruiting and Contract management. Betriebsrat shut down the effort due to various reasons, non of them financial, logical or objective. This was one of the main reasons I left Detecon among other factors such as lack of autonomy in making decisions as a subsidiary of T-Systems.
Time: From 2016/07/01 to 2020/03/31
Location: Cologne, Germany
Skills: Omni-Channel Communication, Enterprise Architecture Management, Atlassian Jira & Confluence, Process Management, Project Management,
Activity Type: Permanent
Language: German
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