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Shaping a Digital Beauty with Jira (work in progress)

By on February 22, 2020

Publication Type: Professional
Abstract: Today, calling Jira a ‘ticketing system’ is like referring to Amazon as a mere ‘online bookstore’. With the right combination and integration of certain apps (plugins), Jira can be configured to become a comprehensive, dynamic and low-cost solution to support managing end2end processes and complex projects with all the necessary modules including monitoring, benchmarking, communications and reporting.
This book starts with modern approaches towards process management and state-of-the-art technologies in software development and shows how to configure Jira (and Confluence) to have a fully customized and highly scalable platform to manage a very complex and large project. Moreover, certain guidelines are provided to help Jira admins design and implement a dynamic, secure and flexible platform as a holistic solution for managing processes and projects.
Publication Year: 2020
Location: Online
Type: Book
Publication Venue: Web
Language: English
Tags: Jira, Process Management, Project Management,
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