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My time in India during internship at Infosys

By on April 27, 2020

Publication Type: Personal
Abstract: First the dark side of my internship:
The life here literally sucks! (I am using verbs in present forms, as I am still in India) Although I am at the Infosys campus, however Bangalore is not a city with enough “social life” options. There are basically a couple of clubs that are worth visiting, in which the music is pretty much the same every time and after 2-3 times you can predict the songs. More importantly, cute girls are seen very rarely. The cute Indian girls you see in movies or advertisement are nothing but a shameless hoax. I see maybe one cute Indian girl per week, if I am lucky. Moreover, the number of Indian girls who are willing to dance in public places with people they don’t know is nearly zero. Also, due to the heavy and loud traffic it takes at least one and a half hour to get to anywhere. Furthermore, the disgusting odor in the streets follows your tickles sensitive nose everywhere you go. There is no drinking and alcohol allowed on campus and you cannot have guests overnight. Finally, the food here taste the same after a week or two, as at every bloody meal you get something with curry, pepper and chili.
Now the bright side:
First of all, unlike many other countries, I don’t look hideous here. In fact, I might even look a tad handsome, thanks to the average looking of my fellow Indians. I could actually be a successful bollywood actor! Dancing is another reason to like India. Here my way of serpentine dancing is not strange at all! My way of dancing perfectly suits Indian clubs! I don’t look gay and no matter how I dance they like and appreciate it! The food here is also very cheap, although as I said we don’t get many variations on campus. Fruits are available at low-price and absolutely fresh. Besides, the facilities at our campus are awesome. We have swimming pool, billiard tables, two gyms, yoga, aerobic and salsa courses as well as tennis, volleyball and basketball courts. Everything is designed and implemented for our convenience.
Anyway, that was the different aspects of my life here. The project I was working on was very interesting and the other interns were cool. Plus I travelled to a couple of cities in India and had a great time.
Publication Year: 2008
Location: Bangalore, India
Type: Web Article
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Language: English
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