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Devising a Competitive Omni-Channel Adoption Strategy

By on February 22, 2020

Publication Type: Professional
Abstract: Devising a comprehensive, unified and effective omni-channel strategy is a complex and dynamic process. This process takes time, knowledge and a company-wide and harmonic endeavor and touches upon a vast spectrum of disciplines from business and organization to personal complications, technological possibilities and legal limitations.

Based on our experience and best practices, this paper focuses primarily on devising an omni-channel strategy: An enterprise equipped with a sound, future-oriented and tailor-made strategy can start the implementing phase and provide an omni-channel communication platform for its customers and employees. Securing leadership support, collecting important yet general requirements, addressing and communication organizational and personal concerns and rethinking the pertinent strategies (e.g. cloud) all contribute to leading the organizational body and decision makers to that goal with minimum time and costs and maximum efficiency.
Publication Year: 2018
Location: Online
Type: Web Article
Publication Venue: Detecon Opinion Paper
Language: English
Tags: omni-channel communication, IT strategy, IT Transformation,
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