2023, and Things I would like to see in 2024
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God and i
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Omicron: Nature's Blessing or Curse?
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Low-code Solution Development, Devigners and Jira
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Lidar & Jira
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Jira Xporter Plugin: A Brief Tutorial
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About Me


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Well I guess my personality can be summarized as a combination of Larry in Curb Your Enthusiasm, Ron in Parks and Recreation and Harvey in Suits. My favorite authors are Victor Hugo, Thomas Sowell, Saeedi Sirjani, Bill Bryson, Matt Ridley & Fyodor Dostoevsky.


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Here you can find a few galleries on different topics, ranging from work-related events and summits to personal travel pics.

Travel Map

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This page demonstrates the places I have traveled to or lived in, with some statistics.


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Here are a list of my favorite books, movies, TV-shows and articles.


Personal Projects

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On this page you will see a list of non-work-related projects I have done. Europe.

Personal Publications

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These are a summarized list of my personal notes and articles on various topics including books, movies, political issues and historical events.


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This page includes my diaries from my time in Japan and Germany. They are all in Persian. Don’t get disappointed if there are not much English content there. 🙂

Living Experiences

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I have lived in over 10 cities so far. These are the details of these places plus a short note of how I landed there and what I was primarily doing.


Professional Experiences

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Here you can find a list of companies I have worked for so far. It doesn’t include the clients I have had when I was working for a company as consultant or project manager. Those clients you can find under clients.

Professional Publications

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I have wrote a few articles on work-related issues and topics. They are mostly about reports, summaries, opinion on technology, etc.

Professional Projects

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On this page you will see a list of work-related projects I have done. Some of the clients are anonymized due to non-sense data protection laws in Europe.

Visit Dordikesh, my company’s website for more detail.


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Here are all the clients I have worked for as consultant, freelancer or project manager in countries including Iran, Germany and the US.


Academic Publications

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Here is a highlight of my papers that I have published during my studies. They include mostly journals, conference proceedings and book chapters. There is also one translation from German to Persian.

Academic Experiences

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You can view all the universities and institutes I have studied or researched in.

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