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As 2023 comes to a close in a few hours, I reflect on the year, leaving these thoughts for my future self to ponder—perhaps noting my ignorance or wisdom. History will be the judge.

I believe 2023 marked the decline of the Woke epidemic in developed countries. Companies, whether in tech or entertainment, that embraced or exploited this trend suffered significant financial setbacks. The failures of companies like Disney make it easier for those with smart management to steer clear of such a destructive ideology, a positive development for humanity.

Then there was Israel’s war on terror. For the first time since 1967, Israel faced scrutiny for the atrocities it committed. This marked a rare instance where semi-mainstream media dared to criticize or question Israel’s actions—an encouraging development. No person or country should act with complete impunity. While I don’t advocate for Palestinians, their victimhood mentality and unrealistic approach have contributed to their miseries. Yet, Israel should not have free rein to do as it pleases, blaming opposition as antisemitic and still expecting respect in the international community, assuming such an entity exists.

In 2023, the Iranian Opposition recognized that living in a fantasy world wouldn’t bring about a better Iran. Many middle or upper-class Iranians attribute all problems to the regime’s ideological governance. However, the Opposition, unable to agree on anything beyond their opposition, is destined to fail. I fear a collapse of the current system in Iran without a charismatic leader or organized opposition, leading to a power vacuum that could consume and disintegrate the nation. Until a strong and mature alternative emerges, I hope the current arrangement remains intact.

Looking ahead to 2024, I harbor some unlikely wishes:

  • A debate between RFK Jr. and Vivek Ramaswamy,
  • Peace between Russia and the West,
  • Fauci facing consequences,
  • If RFK can’t succeed as an independent candidate, a Republican landslide to reset the Democratic party until it becomes a decent liberal force,
  • China weakening enough for the West to intervene in North Korea and liberate millions,
  • Argentina experiencing faster-than-predicted growth due to its new president’s libertarian policies, offering a positive case study,
  • Germany deciding to build new nuclear power plants.

Ok enough with wishful thoughts. Happy New Year!

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