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The Corona Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. It has disrupted businesses, industries, normal life, nightlife, travelling, social interactions, etc. The negative economic and social implications are vast and undeniable. In this post, I’m not tryign to downplay the devestating impact of this pandemic on everybody’s life. However, that has been noted by a lot of scholars and there is no need for some non-expert to step in. I would like to point out a few sliver linings to ease the pain we are all feeling right now.

Accentuating the Need for International Coordination

If it was not obvious before, now everyone on earth has noticed that there is almost zero coordination when it comes to global problems and catastrophes. It might not happen instantly, but there will be a trend towards creating independent international centers with the authority to set and enforce global rules and principles.

Right now, every country is doing their own thing. Resources are not shared and information and research is not public. Imagine if the scientists of all countries would work together and share their research and findings. Finding a vaccine in a short amount of time would be much more likely.

Demonstrating the Failure of Capitalism 1.0

It is a fact that the current capitalism does not value human- and nature-related indicators as high as financial gains. People will become more aware that there is a fundamental problem with the current benchmarks and success factors. Seeing the price of masks and treatments in countries like the US make people aware of what kind of damage Free Market can do without human-oriented regulations.

Weakening the US Global Dominance

US is fucked. Its Achilles’ heel is its health care system (among other areas infected by pure capitalism). And this is a crisis they will have a much harder time to deal with than countries that guarantee Health Care for All and see health care as a human right.

There will be a massive burden on the bottom 70% of Americans. When money comes first, there will be people laid off, sick patients unable to pay their bills and hungry citizens that may turn into crime. As a result, criminality will increase. And this will be in a country where buying a gun is easier than buying alcohol. Such a catastrophe may happen in many countries, but compared to other world power, the US will have a much harder hit and will lose its international status as a Super Power. Considering how fucked-up the current political establishment and set of values of the US are, this is a good thing internationally. Especially if the EU manages to handle the situation more aptly and come out the crisis more powerful.

Reducing Unnecessary Trips and Global Carbon Footprint

Carbon emission has been drastically reduced after the spread of the virus. Several reasons have contributed to this positive event, including a blow to industrial activities in China, a decline in air and sea travel and decreasing demand for oil.

After Corona, many companies that were against home office or didn’t think that many on-site activities can be done via virtual platforms will move more rapidly towards a culture of home office. This will in turn, hopefully, keep the carbon footprint lower, which is necessary for the survival of a livable planet.

Again, this doesn’t mean I support a pandemic or am happy that it has occurred. Just trying to stay positive and look at the narrow bright side of this global misfortune. Cheers.

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